2018 Pricing

Custom Music Arranging

***All custom music arranging spots for 2019 have been filled.***

Please check out the complete music catalog for the entire library of ready to go music. All leased music includes editing options, mix and match from different shows, and competition/regional protection.

Custom marching arrangements are priced depending on the level, sophistication of orchestration, and length. (Average price is around $2700.00). Call or use the contact page to request a quote. 

Custom music packages include:

  1. Exclusive performing rights for the 2018 - 19 school year.

  2. Full wind score and robust front ensemble sketch.

  3. Full show consultation

  4. Unlimited editing

Battery and front ensemble scoring can be added for an additional charge. 

Previously Arranged Music


Individual Songs = $400.00 

Full Show = $1000.00 (Full show includes 1 complete concept or mix and match 3 songs to create your own package.) Battery books are $500 for shows where available. 

Price is a lease for the 2018 - 19 school year including: 

  1. Competition and Regional Protection.

  2. Full wind score and front ensemble sketch.

  3. Limited editing

Battery and front ensemble scoring can be added for an additional charge. 

PLEASE NOTE: All licensing and permissions of copyrighted material are the sole responsibility of the purchaser (you) and not Chris Creswell or Chris Creswell Music and Design. Permission to arrange and print licenses must be obtained from the copyright holder and copied to Chris Creswell Music and Design before leasing arranged music. Licenses can easily be purchased from the publishers and assistance will be provided upon request. Original compositions do not require licensing. 

Visit the Licensing Info page for detailed print license info. 

Visual Design

Drill design starts at $1500. Prices vary depending on the number of performers, sets and amount of show consultation and coordination required. Call or email for a quote.